Archbishop Charles Agyin Asare verse Nogokpo

Archbishop Charles Agyin Asare verse Nogokpo

Archbishop Charles Agyin Asare, the founder and leader of Perez Chapel International has urged members of the church to continue to join the one-week fasting and prayers to enable them breakthrough every obstacle towards new levels of victory.

The church and Archbishop Charles Agyinasare have been criticised by a section of the public following one of the sermons of the church in which the founder said Nogokpo was the “demonic headquarters” of the Volta Region.

Indigenes of Nogokpo have called out the Archbishop to apologise over his comments which the Archbishop has done in his Sunday, May 28, 2023, service.

During the May 28 service, Archbishop Agyinasare explained that his comments were never meant to denigrate the people of Nogokpo and the Volta Region as a whole.

He explained that he only sought to refer to an experience he experienced at the area when he held a crusade there.

“To drive home my point, I made reference to several instances where I have encountered manifestations of demonic powers in my crusades, which have taken me to over 92 countries of the world.

“I gave an example of people who were seeking to levitate during a crusade in India. I gave an example of an attack I suffered as a very young pastor who had gone to preach at a bus stop around Korle Bu.

“In reference to Nogokpo, I wish to clarify that I never intended to refer to the town but an incident that happened after a crusade at Aflao – I had absolutely no intention to cast a slur on the people of Nogokpo town and the Volta Region as a whole,” he explained.

He added, “I have had a cordial relationship with the people of the Volta Region – my wife of 38 years is an Ewe from Keta and two of my biological children bear Ewe names – all the examples I gave were not intended to denigrate any of the towns and their people, but to elucidate the principles of divine protection to congregants.”

On Monday morning, June 5, 2023, three days after the ultimatum given by the chiefs and people of Nogokpo, and a day after the church declared a one-week fasting and prayers, Archbishop Agyin Asare encouraged members of the church to continue to join the prayer session.

We therefore ask all believers to pray for Archbishop Agyin Asare.







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