The Celebration Committee is in Charge of Marriage ,Wedding Ceremonies, Child Naming/Dedication and Birthday.


All members planning to marry must see the Committee for interview after which they will pick a form for Counselling.

Fill the form and present it to the committee, they will give you date for counselling. Be inform that your date for the wedding is subjected to change.

Counselling takes four months, make sure you attends all the classes, failure to that will result cancelation or postponement of the wedding.

You must inform the committee how you want to go about your wedding, number of people you are expecting and how you intend to serve them for the  Committee to advice and guide  appropriately.

Make sure you obey all rules that governs the church auditorium for marriage


All members who want to name or dedicate their child must see the Celebration Committee to give them one or two months notice before time.

Pick a form and fill it with the necessary information to enable the Committee to prepare a certificate for your child

Inform the Committee if you want to  serve some food and drinks and how you intend to go about it for the Committee to guide and direct you.


In case a member loss any of the parents he or she must immediately  inform the funeral committee  officially  to be announce in church after which he or she will bring letter for   the burial  at least a month or two before the date.

In case a member loss his Father or Mother funeral Committee are to make sure the funeral is well attended by  all  members

All members are to contribute ten cedis (10) for food and drinks that the church will serve at any funeral. We don’t want to burden the bereaved.



The Welfare Committee are in charge of the welfare of the members in case of  Marriage, Naming/Dedication and Funeral

All members are to pay five(5) Cedis a month.

Members all qualified after contributing for a year



The Planning Committee plans our fundraising, Programs and Project and make sure its well done.