We organise; CRUSADES to win the lost at all cost SEMINARS to empower Christians and church workers RIVIVAL to revive and ignite fire in believers to take charge of whatever God has given them and to do exploit CONFERENCES to empower pastors and church workers to enhance the work of the Kingdom. WOMEN CONFERENCE to empower women to do more for themselves, their family and to the service of God. We also take you to interesting places in Ghana.

Kakum National PARK

Kakum National Park is on coast of southern Ghana, in West Africa. It protects an area of rainforest, home to endangered mammals such as forest elephants, bongo antelopes and primates like the Diana monkey. The park is rich in butterflies and birds, including African grey parrots and hornbills.

Boti Falls Ghana

Beautiful Waterfall and the drive from Accra was very nice and green. The road hets a bit rough half way from Accra. If you wan to spend time, go with a packed food as there is a big compound where you can have picnic.

St. George’s Castle ELMINA

Whenever you are close to an ocean, fishing is one of the main forms of occupation that exist among people. Just like that Elmina in Ghana is a fishing town which has the historical St. George’s Castle. It is one of the very few historical places in Ghana that you shouldn’t miss from visiting. The castle has whitewashed walls and it was built in 1482 by the Portuguese. It had a dark history because of its association to the slave trade and they were housed in the dungeons that visitors can still see today. While visiting the castle one should also explore the picturesque town and talk to some guides who will explain them the actual history of the place.

Cape Coast Castle

Cape Coast Castle is a European-built fortress situated on the central coastline of Ghana. Since its initial construction in 1652, the Castle served as a trading post for European nations and as the headquarters of British colonial administration for the Gold Coast Colony.  Today the Castle is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Labadi Beach

Often called the perfect city beach by tourists and locals alike, Labadi is the most popular shoreline in Accra, Ghana. Other than basking under the sun and lazying on the sands, one can enjoy the awesome food and cocktails available at the many local eateries here. Since the beach is essentially a property of the neighboring hotels, one needs to pay a small entrance fee for getting in. If you visit on the weekends, you’ll surely be able to catch some local entertainment like native drumming, local reggae bands, dancing, and music. It’s one of the best places to visit in Ghana, Africa to witness the local Ghanaian culture blend with hip hop and other Western styles of dance and music.